Things to look for when choosing a baby monitor

A baby monitor is a really useful piece of technology that allows parents to listen for their baby waking whilst they are in a different room. It works by sending the sound over a radio frequency to a receiver, usually covering a distance of around 150 feet. The transmitter is placed near to the baby and the receiver can be carried by the parent throughout the house and even out into the garden. Modern baby monitors even come with a video feature and motion sensors and there are a wide range of combinations to choose from.

Useful features

If you are thinking of investing in a baby monitor there are a number of features that are worth considering before deciding on a particular brand or model.

Radio frequency interference - the frequency a baby monitor uses are often the same as those used for cordless telephones and other transmission devices such as police and emergency signals. This can cause outside interference, so in order to combat this problem some models operate on higher frequencies.

Privacy - some parents are concerned over the privacy of baby monitors, with possibly interference from neighbours for example. There are models available that use a scrambler to again prevent interference.

Battery life - some models will not show if the battery life is low but others incorporate a useful beep feature that warns parents that the unit is about to run out of power.

Noise - if parents do not want to disturb others in the room there are designs available that give an option to switch to a flashing light rather than a loud display noise, which in itself has a handy volume control.

Two-way models - certain models use a two-way communication design that allows parents to talk back to the child, helping them to get back to sleep. There are even advanced models that use video displays to send images back to the receiver over a digital wireless signal.

Motion sensors - more advanced baby monitors use high-speed microprocessors to detect the baby's movement. They are usually placed under the sleeping baby and if he or she stops moving for more than twenty seconds then an alarm sounds.

Whether you have a new-born baby or toddler, a baby monitor will give you peace of mind you need and will allow you to relax, safe in the knowledge that you will be alerted of any distress or upset from your child immediately. Generally, it pays to choose a well-known brand that incorporates some of the features discussed.


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