Benefits of Using Baby Bath Tubs/Bathers

Baby bath time is more than just about hygiene. For most parents, it is an excellent opportunity to bond with their babies. According to research, bath time is critical for the emotional and cognitive development of infants because it involves touch and engages the senses. They smell soap, listen to the water, and see bubbles. Experts also recommend the use of bath tubs/bathers for babies because of the following benefits:

* Comfort and safety - Washing your baby under the shower or in a full-sized tub can be dangerous and increase the risk of slipping. Make sure to purchase a baby bath tub/bather that is designed according to safety standards.

* Convenient - When you use a baby bath tub/bather, you can easily bathe your baby without having to support him or her too much. You can use both hands to reach for shampoos, soaps, toys, and towels.

* Less mess - Babies are always known to make a mess. With a baby bath tub/bather, you won't end up with a flooded bathroom every bath time.

* Less risks - You don't have to scrub your adult-sized tub every time your baby needs to bathe. Baby bath tub/bathers are small and easy to clean.

There are many baby bath tub/bathers available in the market. Make sure to choose a durable one as your baby will be using it until about age 3, depending if he or she still fits. Here are some factors to consider:

* Size - Choose a bath tub that fits your baby comfortably. There should be some room to move around.

* Design - Some of the best baby bath tub/bathers are designed to be portable. You can fold up and store the baby bath tub/bather for more space in your bathroom. What's more, you can take this type of baby bath tub/bather along on trips. There are also tubs that "grow" with your baby. Opt for adjustable baby bath tubs instead of having to buy a new one every year.

* Safety - The best material for baby bath tub/bathers is plastic. Make sure that it isn't too thin and is durable. You can even find baby bath tub/bathers with support legs. Make sure that the legs are made of non-slippery material.

Before you know it, your kids will be standing and taking a shower on their own. Make the most of bath time with your baby and invest in a suitable tub!


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