Skin Care for Newborns Overview

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting moment but as you step into the world of motherhood you have a whole new list of things to worry about. You have to make sure you get the proper nutrients so your baby stays healthy and keep an eye out for anything that could imply they are sick. You also need to have the right skin care for newborns so that your baby is happy and healthy.

You might wonder what skin for newborns has to do with a healthy baby, outside of keeping their skin soft and clean. The reason skin care is so crucial is because the first few months of an infant's life is when they start to develop their immune system. They need to be exposed to bacteria, germs, and the common "bad things" that the body faces every day so that their bodies learn to resist it. If you use lotions and soaps with antibacterial in them then you are killing the germs for your baby's body so that their body won't learn to do it itself. Baby products are filled with "helpful" bacteria killers and sterilizing chemicals so wait to use them until your child is a few months old.

Babies don't get dirty every day. Unlike you, they aren't walking around all day and exposing themselves to all kinds of dirt. They also generally aren't spending all day sweating from overworking themselves or having to wear clothes even on really hot days. This means that you shouldn't be giving your baby a bath every day like you might do for yourself. The oils in a baby's skin differ from the oils in adult skin and your baby desperately needs to keep the oils their skin is naturally producing. When you give your baby a bath you are removing those necessary oils, so the less often you do it the better. Of course, babies do get dirty sometimes so a sponge bath a few times a week is enough to keep them clean while still practicing good skin care for newborns.

Just because you shouldn't wash your baby too often and use antibacterial soaps on it doesn't mean that you can't clean the things that you baby will be exposed to. You should be washing everything that the baby deals with on a regular basis and especially wash new products you bring home for them. Whether you get them from a yard sale or brand new sealed tight in plastic packaging you should clean all the toys you buy for your baby to play with and wash the clothes you get for them to wear. If you buy used items you should definitely use antibacterial soaps because you don't know what those items were exposed to. New items should be cleaned with regular soap and water. All of these things will not only affect the skin care of newborns but half the time they'll wind up in your baby's mouth too. Cleaning the things they come into contact with will help avoid rashes and other ailments they could pick up from touching dirty toys.


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