The benefits of buying Cotton Bedding for my child

In the past almost all children's bedding was made from natural fibres, Cotton being the main one. Unfortunately it has become harder and harder to find pure Cotton bed linen for Children over the last few years. It is especially difficult to find cotton single duvet sets. There are many benefits to using cotton bedding for your children's bedding instead of polyester and polycotton blends. Cotton allows the skin to breath especially on hot nights, it is hypoallergenic and softer to touch. This makes it an essential in children's bedding especially for younger children, you should always purchase a 100% Cotton duvet set for your baby's cot bed or junior bed. Many of the modern polyester fabrics and cotton blends are improving all the time, some are getting softer, heavier and have a more "natural" feel to them but they just can't compete with good old fashioned cotton as a substitute, as soon as you touch it or sleep under it you know you have the poorer substitute, yet in some cases these are the same price. Polycotton and polyester are generally rougher on the skin, they are less able to allow the skin to breathe making the child hotter and perspire more. Polycotton fabrics have been known to irritate infant skin. While there are some benefits to polycotton, mainly that it dries quickly, it is less likely to crease and need ironing and it does tend to hold its colour better, but it is in no way a substitute for a good quality Cotton. There is a greater move away from Cotton for bedding companies due to the recent increase in the price of raw Cotton which has been vastly inflated in the last year due to failed crops and a decrease in farmers growing Cotton as a crop. Inevitably, more and more children's bedding manufacturers are using cheaper polycotton as a result. Due to the increase in price manufacturers are putting a greater amount of polyester in their fabric blends to keep prices low on the high street, but do we really want this? Would we prefer to pay a bit more for a quality product which looks good, feels nice and benefits your child's sleep and well being? It is my experience that while cost is important to all families, there are many who would agree that paying a little more for a quality product is perfectly acceptable, and who would like to see a choice and variety on the high street so they can make the decision if they wish to pay more for good quality children's bedding, preferably made in the UK.


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